Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's silent, too silent...

Something's in the air today, a negative vibe, a feeling of longing, of loneliness. maybe its because, todays a Sunday. But somethings wrong. Something strange... It's too silent...

Why this sadness, this haze?
Why this frustration, this rage?
Why this malice, this scorn?
Why this fury, this storm?
Why this anger, this terror?
Why this silence in the air?
Somethings wrong, this feeling...
Somethings strange, without meaning...
A sense of loneliness, of longing,
A sense of betrayal, of mourning...
Why this fright, this fear?
Why this silence in the air?

Remember to forget...

Sometimes we have to remember to forget, to learn to let go, to move on...
Sometimes it'll make us happier if we learn to remember to forget...

Sometimes its better to remember to forget
Rather than remember and regret
Sometimes it's better to let go,
For once to forget ur ego...

Remember to forget, wht ur nasty neighbour said,
Remember tht u must forget,
Remember to forget all ur fights
Remember-forget forget, forget....

You'll ruin ur today over yesterday,
If u don't remember to forget,
You'll waste ur present over ur past,
If u remember not to forget...

Remember to forget that hateful word,
That face, that mouth, which said it,
You'll be happier, be assured,
If u just remember to forget it...

Sometimes it's better to remember to forget,
That voice, the words, those deeds,
So tht the one's worth remembering,
Aren't forgotten tht easily...

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Take a deep breath...

At times when u feel confused, angry or useless, sometimes all u have to do is take a deep breath and make most of what u have...

When ur life is in chaos,
And ir heart's confused,
Take a deep breath,
And forget all ur issues...

When ur mind's tensed,
And ur running out of time,
Take a deep breath,
Relax for a while...

When u don't know where to start,
And u have a lot to do,
Take a deep berth,
Bid ur worries adieu...

When u feel like a failure,
And think u are useless,
Take a deep breath,
Failures are what make u perfect...

All those times, when u hate urself,
When u curse urself for what u are,
All those times, take a deep breath,
Take solace in knowing
You can't always touch the stars...

Saturday, 3 December 2011

When did we forget?

when did we all forget,

to live, to breathe, to rejoice

To take life as it comes,

to accept whatever it becomes

to stand still and watch the breeze

tickle the leaves of a banyan tree

to dance in the rain

to know that Ecstasy

when did learn

to become machines

to be heartless, be so extreme

to run a blind race

to be stressed to be frustrated

to ignore the stillness of the dawn

to forget the freshness after the storm

when did we kill

the child within us

her imagination, her innocence

when did  get lost

become strangers to ourselves

when did we cease to exist

and let a robot take our place?

we forgot the sun, the wind, the beauty of the sky

we forgot...the real meaning of life...

Monday, 28 November 2011

With love, life....

For those who think tht destiny has been hard on them, tht life has been unfair and cruel,

Dear troubled,
I'm not being hard on you,
It's a test you'll have to face
Like all the people on earth do.
I'll put joys and sorrows on ur way
But in the end it's all up to you,
Whether u make or break ur day.
Don't tell me to be soft on you
It's something completely out of my hand
I'll turn soft and u will forget god,
And that's something I really can't stand!
Don't worry it's all just a phase
For now all u have are sorrows
But happiness will soon be on it's way!
Why are u giving up so fast?
Is that all the courage u got?
Forgive, forget, move on
U are going to miss the time thts gone
You see trouble is my way of doing things,
It's just the way I work
Hardship is like a song I sing
So don't u get all worked up.
There will be days when you think u can't survive,
Days when u will wish to die,
On those days please be reassured,
At any instance happiness can knock ur door.
And if u still don't get me
Then just get this straight.
I am a gift with no guarantee
U never know when u will see the last of me
So enjoy the time u get,
Live without regret
Live without worries, be happy, be safe....
With love,

Saturday, 26 November 2011


One step at a time,
You held on as she said,
Her smiling face,
As she tucked u in bed.

A playful slap,
A little scold.
That's all you got,
For ur mistakes when u were old

You bow ur head,
As she scolds you.
But soon she melts,
And hugs you

Fast forward ten years,
She is the same.
But everything about you,
Has drastically changed.

She takes care of you,
You glare at her
She doesn't know
What went wrong with her.

She blames herself,
For insulting you.
She says sorry
To a screaming you.

She bows her head
When you shout at her
She waits patiently
But the hug never comes.

Instead you refuse to listen
When she explains to you
You walk away
When she calls you

All the love she gave you
Was lost and wasted
She cries herself to sleep
Wishing you childhood was long lasted.

In front of you, she keeps smiling,
And loves you all the same.
But somewhere deep down she wishes,
That she could raise you once again...
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