Saturday, 26 November 2011


One step at a time,
You held on as she said,
Her smiling face,
As she tucked u in bed.

A playful slap,
A little scold.
That's all you got,
For ur mistakes when u were old

You bow ur head,
As she scolds you.
But soon she melts,
And hugs you

Fast forward ten years,
She is the same.
But everything about you,
Has drastically changed.

She takes care of you,
You glare at her
She doesn't know
What went wrong with her.

She blames herself,
For insulting you.
She says sorry
To a screaming you.

She bows her head
When you shout at her
She waits patiently
But the hug never comes.

Instead you refuse to listen
When she explains to you
You walk away
When she calls you

All the love she gave you
Was lost and wasted
She cries herself to sleep
Wishing you childhood was long lasted.

In front of you, she keeps smiling,
And loves you all the same.
But somewhere deep down she wishes,
That she could raise you once again...

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