Monday, 28 November 2011

With love, life....

For those who think tht destiny has been hard on them, tht life has been unfair and cruel,

Dear troubled,
I'm not being hard on you,
It's a test you'll have to face
Like all the people on earth do.
I'll put joys and sorrows on ur way
But in the end it's all up to you,
Whether u make or break ur day.
Don't tell me to be soft on you
It's something completely out of my hand
I'll turn soft and u will forget god,
And that's something I really can't stand!
Don't worry it's all just a phase
For now all u have are sorrows
But happiness will soon be on it's way!
Why are u giving up so fast?
Is that all the courage u got?
Forgive, forget, move on
U are going to miss the time thts gone
You see trouble is my way of doing things,
It's just the way I work
Hardship is like a song I sing
So don't u get all worked up.
There will be days when you think u can't survive,
Days when u will wish to die,
On those days please be reassured,
At any instance happiness can knock ur door.
And if u still don't get me
Then just get this straight.
I am a gift with no guarantee
U never know when u will see the last of me
So enjoy the time u get,
Live without regret
Live without worries, be happy, be safe....
With love,


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