Thursday, 22 December 2011

Take a deep breath...

At times when u feel confused, angry or useless, sometimes all u have to do is take a deep breath and make most of what u have...

When ur life is in chaos,
And ir heart's confused,
Take a deep breath,
And forget all ur issues...

When ur mind's tensed,
And ur running out of time,
Take a deep breath,
Relax for a while...

When u don't know where to start,
And u have a lot to do,
Take a deep berth,
Bid ur worries adieu...

When u feel like a failure,
And think u are useless,
Take a deep breath,
Failures are what make u perfect...

All those times, when u hate urself,
When u curse urself for what u are,
All those times, take a deep breath,
Take solace in knowing
You can't always touch the stars...

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