Monday, 9 January 2012

If only you could believe...

“Mommy, look! A monster!”
“It’s just the branches of a tree.”
“But mommy, It has claws...
 if only you could believe…”

“Mommy, someone painted the sky!”
“That’s just a rainbow, dear.”
“I know it’s not real.” She sighed
“But if only you could believe…”

“Now listen to me, dear.
Fairies, monsters don’t exist.
They are just a figment of your imagination.
Believe me they don’t subsist.

“I know, mom, that they aren’t supposed to exist.
But think for a moment if they did live.
Imagine all that can be,
If you just choose to believe…”

“Believe, that there’s indeed a world,
Beneath the one we see,
Full of magic and wonder.
A place everyone would want to be.
“Stop kidding honey, be reasonable.
This is a real world, where we live.
No mysteries, no wonders.
No surprises, no hidden gifts.”

“It would be better if you too realize,
That no such things exist.
That all your stories are fake.
You princes and princesses don’t exist.”

And so a child’s imagination was cursed.
She became a prisoner of logic.
She never again believed in anything.
She lived her life without magic.

And then one day, when she was dying,
A little girl pranced along.
“Don’t be scared miss,” she said.
Believe in God and heaven”
But alas, she couldn’t believe.
For her logic disregarded it.
And she died a tormented death.
Wishing that only if she had believed…


  1. I believe in magic. This is a good warning for people not to stop believing...

  2. I am in love with this poem (^_^)
    living life without magic... how horrible


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