Monday, 16 January 2012

Missing you mum...

It rained today mom,
Just like that other day,
When you were still here, mom,
And life was blissfully gay

I saw the rainbow again mom,
Beautiful just like last time,
Everything was just the same mom,
Only you and me, we are untwined.

I smelled the soil, mom,
It was pure and fresh and sweet,
It reminded me of your fragrance, mom,
Adoring, amorous and serene.

The sun showed up after the storm, mom,
Just like you said it would,
But it didn’t cheer me up, mom,
Although you said it should.

I heard the birds chirrup, mom,
It made me want to cry,
The birds, they are with their mothers, mom,
But me, I don’t have you by my side.

I’m feeling lonely, mom,
It’s not the same without you,
Why did you leave me so early, mom,
You know it’s hard not to miss you.

You said you’d be here forever, mom,
At least till I’d be able to understand,
But I’m still your princess, mom
Deaths, loss, I can’t comprehend…

I’m missing you a lot, mom,
And so is everyone else,
Ah! The sky is finally clear, mom,
It’s my face that’s raining now


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