Friday, 13 January 2012

Sacrifice :A short story

It was dark and cold. She shuddered as she walked through the empty streets-lost and alone, all alone. The rain came crashing down. She pulled her blood soaked jacket closer, hoping it would ease the pressure of the storm, hoping everything would turn out okay. It didn’t work.
It wasn’t the first time she had run away. But this time it was different. This time all of this ended.
She felt the cold breeze against her face; the raindrops beating down on her. The silence-oh! The silence. It was deafening.
Just like last time. She thought. Just like last time…
Cold. Dark. Wet. Forbidding. Silent…
But the rain is good in a way. She thought. No one can see my tears now.
She was in the town now. It came in a flash, the shops, the streets, the memories…
She became aware of all the eyes on her. A woman on the bus stop eyed her warily. A shop owner stopped what he was doing to see her-a young girl covered in blood. A little kid in a candy store looked at her curiously. It was as though everyone was staring at her; as though everyone knew what she had done; as though everyone wanted her to die for the sins she had committed.
She kept walking, not returning the stares, too ashamed to look into the eyes of these people.
“You hurt, kid?” she heard the woman at the bus stop yell. She didn’t reply. She wanted to be invisible, to be forgotten.
A horn blared in the background and she realized she was walking in the middle of the road.
“Watch it!” The driver screamed.
She didn’t pay attention. She had to get away from here. She had to go.
The grotesque scene was still crystal clear in her mind. Her little brother, all of fifteen years, with a gun in his hand. Their uncle, drunk as usual, unbuckling his belt for the daily beatings. The sound of the shot. The uncle dropping dead. Her brother frightened.
Don’t worry Sam. She had said. I’ll take care of it. Go to bed. Don’t worry at all.
The police would soon figure out that she was the one to kill her uncle. Her brother would be fine.
Take care of yourself. She had said. And you know what to tell the police. Please do this for me. I am counting on you, Sam. Please.
He’ll be safe. She consoled herself. He’ll be safe.
Lost in her thoughts, she reached the city canal. The storm raged faster. The raindrops hit her like bullets. The clouds roared in wrath.  
It’s time. She thought. To pay for the sins I have committed. To do the last thing for Sam.
She neared the edge of the bridge. The storm increased its fury. The water lashed at the bridge. Trees rocked in the wind. Somewhere in the distance, she thought she heard a scream. It was as if nature itself was screaming
“Die! Die! Die!”
She stepped on the railing of the bridge. This is it. I’m sorry.
She raised her hands up, preparing to dive. In the background, someone shouted her name.
Too late. It’s too late.
 The next thing she knew, she was falling. She closed her eyes as she splashed into the water. She didn’t try to swim, didn’t try to get out.  
The lack of oxygen made it hard for her to think. She felt the urge to breathe.
No. This is it. This is how it ends.
And with that the last bit of life left her.


  1. are an amazing writer...........:-)


  2. You are a good writer,I can feel the emotions in your story.

  3. You have a gift for writing.


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