Monday, 27 February 2012

A life less lived...

She didn't rest on a Sunday,
It was work and work and work,
She didn't relax on a holiday,
The priority was work, only work.

She didn't smell the flowers,
She'd rather be working late.
She didn't go for a walk,
It was always meetings, deadlines and updates.

She didn't hear the birds chirp,
The phone being stuck to her ear.
She didn't once look at the park,
Though she crossed it everyday of the year.

She didn't dream,
It was always about practicality 
She didn't breathe,
Though she respired just like everybody.

She didn't sleep at nights,
And one of those nights she passed away,
With her head on the laptop, and the phone in hand,
Her only worry?
She couldn't meet the deadline the next day...


  1. Nice dig at a typical working professional's life. The whole concept for work life balance seems to go for a toss once we start our careers.

  2. Very Nice Sania !! I just logged back on to the coffee house groups today and saw you replied to my comment from last night thank you !! Very bright blog site I like it and I like your poems I just clicked and joined your blog so please join mine if you'd like !! Thanks !! Heather

  3. Heather: Congo! U have a new follower! Thnks for the gr8 feedback! I like ur blog too... Wud be looking forward to more posts!

  4. Nice imagery of an overworked person here and it's something I could relate to not so long ago.

    A great poem which I really enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!


  5. A wonderful poem, Sania! I can completely identify with this.


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