Monday, 9 April 2012

The stranger: Part three

So here it is folks! Hope that this part doesn’t let you down.
If you haven’t read part one and two yet, I would recommend doing so to get a better grip of the story.  As always your feedback and reviews are highly appreciated.
Happy reading!

“He’s back! He’s back!” One of the white clad figures said.
“Well…that was fast…”

DK5643 jerked up awake. How long have I been out? Where am I?  Am I dead?

He remembered the blast so clearly-though he hadn’t felt any pain- that he could not believe that he was alive.

I am dead. He told himself. Me being alive isn’t possible.

And then he heard a noise; A slight whirring noise. For the first time he looked at his surroundings. Wires. Everywhere. Large screens. And what was that? An ECG machine? Whatever it was, wherever he was, it sure wasn’t heaven.

Maybe some intermediate stage.

He tried to lift his head but there was some weird metal contraption hindering his motion. His hands were tied to whatever he was lying down upon.

Ok. Now this is strange.

He heard a door open. In walked a number of people in lab coats. Pharmacists?

“Well done Mr. D. You lasted longer than we thought.” One of them said.

“Huh?” He started. And then it all came back in a flash.

“Hey! You’re the SOS guys, right?”

“Yes. You paid us to give you an adventure of your life. And I hope we most certainly did.”

“Oh! That was all a dream then?”

“Virtual reality Mr. D,” he said, “virtual reality…”

“So how did I do?” He asked eagerly.

“To start with…”

Now it all came back to him. The SOS group was one of the world’s biggest gaming industries. And they had a new venture- kidnapping. But there was a twist. The players had to pay for their own kidnapping. They were promised an almost real life experience. And now he knew what they meant. Virtual reality.

He had filled out a form specifying what atrocities he wanted bestowed upon him (wake up to find out he forgot everything), where he wanted to be found (in a forest, preferably unconscious) and how he wanted to die (umm…something stupendifyingly extreme).

Wow! They really had done their job well and the blast was by far his favorite.

The wonders of modern science…a bit too much, ay?


So I really hope it wasn’t a letdown. I just thought that this would make quite an unexpected twist. Don’t you agree?

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