Saturday, 26 May 2012


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The sun beat down upon her, as she walked along the familiar, dust clad road for the first time in twelve years. Her feet adapted quickly to the rugged terrain, as the memories of a time forgotten flooded her heart and soul. Everything was the same as she remembered; it was like her town had slept in its tranquil cocoon as the world around raced ahead. She walked in a trance, taking in the sight, the smell, the sounds, each bringing with it a longing for the time she could never have back.

People she had known in another ephemeral time glanced at the strange woman, intruding the quiet, insipid life they were so used to. Whispers. Rumors. Suspicion. She walked straight ahead, the burden of the stares weighing her down.

Please, please accept me.

She stroked the trees as she passed them asking forgiveness, pleading for acceptance. They felt harder than she remembered.

Of course, hardened by years of pain, agony, abandonment.

The last thought formed a lump in her throat which slowly materialized into a single tear. It slid down her cheek onto the dry sand, vaporizing instantly. Even the land doesn’t want any part for me.

But as she neared her family farm, the sadness alleviated. The stares no longer mattered. The people’s thoughts were secondary. She looked at the trail of footprints that she had left behind. An overwhelming sense of euphoria engulfed her. She was elated. Pure, unadulterated ecstasy, as she realized that she had finally reached her destination. She was home.

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