Monday, 14 May 2012

Why do you cry?

This poem is a conversation between an optimist and a pessimist. In the end, I think that the pessimist steals the show, but I like it that way... Enjoy!
"The suns bright,
It's peaceful and quiet,
then why do you cry?"

"The sun will set,
And darkness'll prevail.
As for the silence,
It indicates a gale.
Isn't it reason enough to cry?"

"You see the flowers,
Smiling at the sky.
Then why do you cry?"

"The flowers, don't they,
Bloom to eventually die?
Doesn't the sky, they gaze at,
Bring rain and thunder and heavenly wrath?
Isn't tht reason enough to cry?"

"Look at the eggs,
They're about to hatch,
Soon the nest would be filled with joys.
Why do you cry?"

"Alas! They'd soon fly,
Far away into the night.
The nest would wither,
Fail the test of time.
Isn't that reason enough to cry?"

"A last try,
Tell me straight,
The world is not all doom and gloom,
Then why do you cry?"

"because life is death,
And in death there is life,
It makes you cry and smile and cry,
Life is tragically beautiful..."

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