Friday, 1 June 2012

FSF: Orange

Five sentence fiction


She was always drawn to their beauty; watching the sun dip down in the passive waters of the family lake, changing it from yellow, to golden, to deep orange and finally to the eternal black.

She wasn't allowed to leave her room,apparently always in danger, of baseless fears, of catastrophes that never were, unseen enemies and the constant threat of mishap.

The sunsets were the only thing that always cheered her up.

She wasn't the only one sinking into depths of oblivion, the sun was too, but it managed to rise back up and one day so would she...


  1. I love the mixture of emotion... there's a sadness that runs throughout the piece, and even though your character feels lonely, the sun is always there to cheer her up, and there is a sense of hope at the end!

  2. Yes! She will rise above the orange haze of self-doubt and fly straight into the dreams she embraces!

  3. Interesting.

    Please stop by my blog. I have something there for you.

  4. I love the message that is behind the lines of the story! Fantastic way of showing that we all get up everyday and try again, just like the sun. Nice work!

  5. Excellent metaphor! I adore watching a sunset and now have even more reason to love it. Thank you :)

  6. Good pace the way it moved between her and the sunset, liked the imagery present


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