Monday, 9 July 2012

FSF: Pirates

He felt the tip of the sword graze his back as he stumbled towards the edge of the plank.
The sea underneath, roared with the wrath and fury of an angry dragon thirsty for blood.
“Jump! Jump! Jump!” hollered the excited crew.
He closed his eyes, feeling the air caress his face as he braced for impact.
An angry shout came from the back-“How many times have I told you kids that my garden shack is not a pirate ship?!?”


  1. I was really sucked in there, picturing the poor man having to jump! But kids will be kids, playing their little games. Excellent take. xxx

  2. Love it... nice twist at the end there.

  3. Loved the ending.
    To me a garden shack would make an ideal pirates ship.

  4. Oh I loved that! That so takes me back to adventures in the garden!

  5. Wonderful! Just wonderful! All that tension you built up dissolved in a burst of giggles!! :)

  6. Reminds me of the huge pirate ship at a park we used to frequent. Oh the adventure they had on the high, er, seas!

    Mine is here:


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