Thursday, 12 July 2012

Visual dare: Distorted

I stared at the leather bound journal sitting across me on the desk tempting me to steal the tiniest glance inside.
"The forbidden pages," the monk had said, "no one had read it for the past 500 years. It holds the secrets of life and death but there is a price...a heavy price."
He had kept the book on the desk and left me alone to decide. The book unnerved me, the secrets that lay a page away intimidated me but the knowledge -the knowledge in those old fragile pages excited me. 
I remembered by life before I became a seeker. A normal high schooler with a very average life. But then I had found out about the pages. Now it was all a passion for magic. It had become more than a hobby, it was a crazy addiction and I was willing to pay anything to learn.
"The price is your soul." the monk had said. And I had decided.
How had life suddenly become so distorted?


  1. Old pages, old lore, would definitely cause distortion!

  2. Oh, how indeed!!! Nice play on the prompt! I have a hunch that the "price of your soul" will play out in a very unexpected way --- it always does, when magic is involved. LOVE THIS. Thanks for participating in the Visual Dare!

  3. Great take on the prompt.
    What a temptation, 'Forbidden pages, unread for 500 years' ... what price your soul?
    Made me wonder what I might do in this situation....
    Thanks for a great read.


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