Saturday, 7 July 2012

Visual dare: Parked outside

The sole working street lamp flickered and finally blacked out, joining the array of others who had lost their brightness years before him. Years of indifference and abandonment had finally taken its toll. With the last working street lamp gone, the town lost what little of a 'glow' it had.
Broken and battered buildings cast a forlorn gaze at the desolate and deserted street, their shattered windows becoming their tears, their cobwebbed rooms- the heart that had stopped beating. Every inch of their being held a tragic reminder of a history forgotten, bore witness to THE hell which everyone else seemed to forget.
The lone car parked on the edge of the street looked strangely out of place- a splash of colour in a black and white town. And so did the dark figure that stepped out creating a spur of movement in an otherwise quiet street. He ran his hand across the old teak door which had lost its colour but not it's grace. A single tear rolled down his cheek.
"They'll remember." He whispered. "I'll make them."

Word count is a more than 100. Hope thats not a problem. Comments and feedback appreciated!


  1. Oooo, nicely done!! Brings to mind a post-war, post-exile, or possibly post-apocalyptic scenario. Where have all the people gone?? I'm certainly intrigued by the stranger and what he wants everyone to remember - and who it is that needs reminding.

    Well crafted, obliquely sinister, and a nice hook for a coming story (I hope!)!

    Job well done! Thanks for participating!!! Hope we'll see you around for more Visual Dares!!

    1. Yes of course! I love the idea of a picture inspired story. Thanks for the wonderful feedback! :)

  2. I sense vengence :) Liking the character already


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