Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A butterfly

It originates from the mind's deepest abyss, breaking the cocoon of inactivity and fluttering it's golden wings, breathing the sweet air of accomplishment as it flies off in an unprecedented direction.
It prances around from flower to flower, until it finds the one strong enough to bear the weight of its uncertain future - down in the dumps or up in the clouds.
And then it blooms, deriving nutrition from our perseverance and being ignited by that smallest of sparks that's called creativity.
Thus, the seeds of a better future are sown.
Word count: 92


  1. Thank you so much for jumping on board the #BlogFlash2012 challenge, Sania!

  2. oooh I really like the images you have in here!

  3. So creative. Looking forward to reading more by you tomorrow.

    Bunny's Review

  4. Very nicely written. Gives us a visual of each of the butterfly's activity :)

    Not Just My Allegories


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