Thursday, 2 August 2012

Blogflash 2012: day two

Today's prompt is 'a furry friend'. Happy reading!
"Can I keep it mommy? Please!" The six year old begged.
The mother looked at the cat, appalled by its worn out fur and strangely hypnotic black eyes. The cat mewed in response-the voice casting a strange aura around them.
"Please!" the son said again.
But the mother didn't listen. Entranced and enchanted she picked up the battered ball of fur and nodded a yes. The son shrieked delightfully.
The cat mewed again. <I> Another prey captured. </I>


  1. I absolutely love your closing line, "Another prey captured." What a great piece!

  2. lol the eyes always get us humans. Strange how the furries know to look at us with those hypnotic eyes

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