Friday, 17 August 2012

Cinderella: the true story

This is my entry for what if blogfest.
I'm with 'team tragedy' though for some reason I'm not able to upload the team picture so apologies for that.
Enjoy reading!

And the prince and Cinderella lived happily ever after.


Or that was how the story was told, generation after generation to eager kids and awestruck toddlers-monitored closely, first by the prince's own ministers and then by their surviving relatives.
But sooner or later someone was bound to ask the question. And one day, a little kid finally did. 
Ironically, it was one of the prince's own descendants who asked the life-changing question.
'But what happened after, mommy?' 
The mother stiffened, the living descendants of the ministers stiffened. It is even rumoured that the grave digger near the dead prince's grave, heard him turn inside.
The child was expertly distracted, but the question had been asked and that meant the prediction of the good old fairy godmother might just come true- not that she could be any happier than they were, for the fairy godmother was dead. 
The Internet immediately filled up with all kinds of 'what if' stories. one  of the stories that popped up online under a tag of Therealstory01 told how Cinderella met an untimely death due to the hatred that emanated from her towards her step-family once she realised how badly she had been treated. In her anger and pride she had given them a death sentence shocking even the coldest of hearts in the kingdom. But something happened. The prince realised this wasn't his cinderella and condemned her to death but not before crafting an elaborate story, one which all of us have heard about.
The story received a thousand comments most of them rubbishing it off as false. But for those of us, the descendants of the real witnesses, it is a huge burden off the soul. We don't have to lie anymore.

Word count: 291


  1. Whoa! Way to dig deep! Great stuff here. Totally made me think, LOL! Great twist on things...

  2. Oh man! Cinderella gets royally screwed!
    Fabulous entry!
    Go Team Tragedy!

  3. This is great! I always doubted those "happily ever after" endings anyway. At the time these stories come from, most royal weddings ended in beheadings!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Leigh: go team tragedy!
    Cassie: love the blog fest! :) :)


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