Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Step back

He stared at the tower of papers sitting on his desk, taunting him with their ink scrawled face and the typical 'freshly-printed-paper' smell. He stared at them letting the frustration build, letting the anger seep through the locked corners of his brain. He reached out to grab the one at the top. Slowly, revelling every moment, he ripped it to shreds. The floodgates opened and the fury  that had raged within for the past ten years drained out.
 Rip. rip. rip.
He was all the way down to the last when a chuckle escaped his throat.
The grass needed mowing. The report needed to be finished. The bills had to be paid.
Tomorrow he would do all that. But for today he would just take a deep breath, step back and break free from the incessant ticking of the damn clock.


  1. I really liked this. The imagery was great - I could just imagine him taking great delight in ripping all those papers up. Love the final sentence!


  2. I love how well you built the fury up during the first three-quarters of the piece, and then suddenly calm descended before the end. Fantastic!

  3. Excellent! I'm glad I found you!

  4. Wonder what happened ten years earlier that sparked this rage! Nicely done and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks for sharing. =)


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