Tuesday, 7 August 2012


She stood on the beach.
Seeing the golden globe dip into the endless waters of the ocean.
Watching the sky turn orange.
Witnessing shades of grey engulfing the hues of red.
Seeing the sky turn dark.
She stood on the beach living the moment,
Knowing there would be no tomorrow.


  1. That's beautifully poignant Sania, makes me wonder why there's no tomorrow for her...

  2. I agree with Lisa - poignant is a perfect description for this piece!

  3. Have to say there's no better word than poignant to describe this piece. It's sad there's no tomorrow for her and like Lisa I wonder why, but stunning piece, Sania.

  4. There's a sadness to this piece, but such beauty as well. I really like your use of colors to tell the story. Lovely!!!


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