Saturday, 15 September 2012


She stared vacantly at the blur of colours on the tv screen. 

Tom and Jerry came into view. 

The flickering screen was the only source of light, creating an ambience of agony, insinuating seriousness even though the channel was cartoon network. A loud boom of thunder rocked the building. The sound brought back painful memories from a past that was better left forgotten, almost making her mask of calmness crumble. Almost.  She let her brown curls fall across her face, liking the obscurity brought by the natural veil.

Tom chased Jerry straight into the kitchen. 

She pulled her legs closer to her chest in a futile attempt to suppress the pain akin to a thousand daggers boring through her heart. Her pale fingers clutched mr. Bear in the same way her mind grappled for sanity. A quiet sob almost escaped her throat. Almost. 

She swallowed and continued staring blankly at Tom juggling a number of plates that jerry had thrown down. She could empathise with the feline, herself juggling a myriad of emotions that destiny had thrown at her. A purple saucer slipped and she gasped as it crashed unleashing a shower of broken glass fragments. Broken like her. A sudden jolt of pain- an aftershock from the ordeal, amplified by the supposedly humorous cartoon, carved out a huge piece of her heart. 

Tom jumped in air horrified at the mess jerry had made. 

Her face, though, was emotionless. Inside was a raging storm, the dams blocking her feelings were on the verge of bursting, almost letting the tears seep drop by drop. Almost. She wiped out the tear before it emerged. 

Tom, meanwhile, was cleaning up, feverently sweeping the heap of evidence under a carpet. 

Sweep. Sweep. Sweep. 

She had almost managed to sweep the pieces of her shattered life under a rug. 
Almost. She missed one little piece and the skeletons had come back to haunt her-a cyclone of hate and guilt screaming in her brain, shrieking, shouting, cursing.

Tom's owner stomped into view, screaming something unintelligible. Tom bowed his head as the owner called him a worthless, useless cat. Jerry, meanwhile, laughed away at the window sill.

Footsteps became audible in the corridor. Someone yelled something akin to a worthless, useless woman with the tv. She closed her eyes and waited for the head that would soon appear in the doorway. She knew the words before they were even uttered.

"Ms. L, it's time." 

Jerry waved goodbye and 'the end' was splashed across the screen in big, bold italicised letters.


  1. Powerful and so wonderfully interspersed with the lightness of Tom & Jerry!

  2. Wow, very good writing. Call me impressed.

  3. Well done, so much tension there and what an awesome cliff-hanger. I'm stopping by from the Follow-Swap Blog Hop - thanks for joining in!
    Kat :)


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