Wednesday, 19 September 2012


You can't do it Kelly. The annoying sing song voice whispered.
Of course she can do it. Go on.

They were everywhere. Everywhere.
Don't do that Kelly.
Let her be.
Stop getting irritated kelly.
We don't like u irritated.

She banged her head against the brick wall.
Oh you can't hurt us like that Kelly. Can't. Can't. Can't. 
The voices were sweet, sweet to the point of being lethal. And they were everywhere. Some were echoes, subtle and passive while the others had the intensity of a tornado and the high pitch of a whistle. 
She tried to climb out, digging her nails in between the gaps of the bricks. One of her nails chipped of and she screamed-more in frustration than in agony.
Little kelly is mad. 
Don't be mad Kelly. Just give up.
Give up and join us. 

She kicked the wall getting a soft musical chuckle in response. 
Give up. Join us. Kelly. Kelly. Kelly.
She closed her eyes and felt something change. Unwillingly, she felt herself letting go. She felt lighter and the voices were quiet. It was nice like this. Quiet and peaceful. Was she dead?
She opened her eyes and saw the four walls of the room. Just as they were supposed to be. 
But this time she was trapped in one of them.
Welcome home, Kelly.


  1. WOAH. Fabulous interpretation on the prompt - creepy, magical, sinister, reads almost like a free verse poem, but not quite. Lovely work. Thanks for participating in the Visual Dare - hope you make it a regular habit! :D


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