Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Rock-a-bye- baby,
Alone as night falls.
When the wind shrieks
And the monsters crawl.
When the owl hoots
And the night cries out.
And the baby starts screaming
Alone as night falls.

Five year old Sally pushed her chubby little fingers against her ears as the malicious cackles and the all too familiar humming arose from somewhere under bed. She folded her legs under her and receded into the castle of pillows she had created.
Baby is drowsing
Cozy and fair.
The demons wait under
In their rocking chair.
Up and down
The bed they swing
And though you don’t want to,
You hear what they sing.

The squeaking grew louder as the monsters ascended from their underground lair. No. No. Please go away. She thought, as the creaking began. They were coming up. She could hear the boxes moving under her bed-the boxes she had asked mommy to put to block the demons; the boxes, her mommy had found funny; the fear her mommy had found cute.
A rip.
They tore through the cardboard box-probably the one containing her old stuff toys. She squeezed her eyes closed and curled up into a ball; her two foot frame condensing to half a feet. Go away. Please go away.
From up in the sky
To down under the bed.
Nothing’s as pretty
As little Sally’s head.

She flinched when she heard her name-it being the first time they had said it. Her pale fingers clutched teddy’s hand in a futile attempt to calm her nerves. They will go away. They never come up. Never.
With fingers delectable
Eyes wide and in fright.
Don’t pretend to be asleep.
Come visit us tonight.

Her breathing quickened and her heart raced as fast as an athlete on steroids. She buried herself deeper in the pillows just as she felt the bed sheets being pulled down. The sound of sharp nails scraping the floor became audible- tomorrow mommy would ask why there were scratches on the new tiles. Tomorrow-if she survived tonight.
And then it all stopped. The sheets slackened. The scraping stopped. The menacing cackle stopped. The only sounds in her pillow fortress were of her own shallow breathing and the irregular beating of her heart. She started counting.
One. Two. Three.
No sound. She relaxed a bit.
Four. Five. Six.
The wind outside calmed down reducing its angry pounding fists on the window to a slight caress.
Seven. Eight. Nine.
She heard the cardboard boxes move under her bed again. She felt the torn box be put back in place. She felt her grip on teddy relaxing.
She opened her eyes. Her tiny fingers quivered as she moved one of the pillows aside for a quick look.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Potion of happiness

A stalk or two of budding love
A twig of faith, a petal from the eternal flower of hope.
Add the roots of the family tree,
And a memory or two from the memory lane.
A bit of insanity, a cup of sane,
A dollop of honey, 
(HONEY not Money).
Add spice to taste,
And to ward of hate. 
Mix it all in a cauldron of forgiveness,
That my friend, is the potion of happiness.

Friday, 12 October 2012


The mirror reflected a thick white layer of snow. Not a soul was visible; something which was in stark contrast to the scene it was supposed to be reflecting. The dark cloaked figure who's face was hidden behind the mirrors forbidding edge, took a step towards the frightened little girl on the floor. 
"The whiteness will engulf all." A hoarse voice croaked from behind.
The girl didn't say anything, the fear freezing her voice just as it had paralysed her hands.
"The whiteness will engulf all." the unearthly creature repeated and took another step forward.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Experimenting with humor, for this FSF. Enjoy!

"Turn right; I'm telling you to turn rig-
Why didn't you turn right? Are you even listening to me?
Oh great, I'm just talking to myself now!"

"I knew I would regret exchanging the GPS for a wife..."
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