Friday, 12 October 2012


The mirror reflected a thick white layer of snow. Not a soul was visible; something which was in stark contrast to the scene it was supposed to be reflecting. The dark cloaked figure who's face was hidden behind the mirrors forbidding edge, took a step towards the frightened little girl on the floor. 
"The whiteness will engulf all." A hoarse voice croaked from behind.
The girl didn't say anything, the fear freezing her voice just as it had paralysed her hands.
"The whiteness will engulf all." the unearthly creature repeated and took another step forward.


  1. Yoiks!! Wonderfully ghoulish and tense. Wonder what happened leading up to this moment, and how the mirror-faced creature managed to paralyze her prey in that way -- and what will happen when that final touch comes. Well done!!

  2. Very ominous... Held in suspense


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