Thursday, 25 October 2012

Potion of happiness

A stalk or two of budding love
A twig of faith, a petal from the eternal flower of hope.
Add the roots of the family tree,
And a memory or two from the memory lane.
A bit of insanity, a cup of sane,
A dollop of honey, 
(HONEY not Money).
Add spice to taste,
And to ward of hate. 
Mix it all in a cauldron of forgiveness,
That my friend, is the potion of happiness.


  1. A beautiful recipe! Yes I'd like six bottles please :) A lovely post tasting of honey :)

  2. I want some, too. I especially like that just a bit of insanity is included.

  3. It's good to see someone do a FSF post with poetry!

  4. 'Honey not money' is awesome! An important distinction :) I always enjoy FSF as poetry!!!

  5. That sounds like the perfect potion! Well done!

  6. That's beautiful...we should all be concocting some of that, including the insanity, definitely need that!


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