Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Visual dare: unlocked

I'm not taking part in NaNo but I tried to incorporate all the three pictures. Happy reading!

The leaves crinkled beneath her gentle footsteps, acknowledging her presence in the desolate forest. They danced around her, brushing her legs, swaying in the breeze which never died down; which carried whispers to her ears from the deserted clock tower up ahead. The trees embraced her approach, their mangled branches entangling in her long golden locks as she neared the tower. The breeze strengthened and the sky darkened as her pale fingers reached for the battered lever that would unlock the treacherous secrets therein. A clap of thunder resonated across the small clearing as the lever turned and she entered.

Word count: 100


  1. Ooh, now I want to follow her... I could feel that wind and the coming storm!

  2. I can almost hear the suspenseful music swelling with this one - very atmospheric, definite foreshadowing of mysteries and unpleasantness to come! Love this!!

  3. Thanks! Maybe I'll continue it sometime...

  4. OK - this is a WOW.

    So much vivid description and colorful imagery in so few words. I had to go minimalist to make it fit.


  5. Reallllyyyy liked the imagery and atmosphere here, a subtle foreboding that draws your curiosity and promises an intense climax


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