Saturday, 29 December 2012

FSF: Ending

A bit of downer for this weeks FSF but the prompt is "ending" so not completely my fault ;p

The flame dark goldenrod,
Swallows the crumpled photograph,
As she watchs
Memories-no more...

The blare of punk,
Drowns the cacophony
Of silence, as she hears,
Voices-no more...

Sobs and cries reign,
Happiness is history,
As she hears,
Laughter-no more...

The sparks light up the floor,
The ceiling, the house, the self,
As she burns,
Life-no more...

It's finished.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

BCF: Escape

The following is my entry to business card fiction's first monthly contest. The prompt photo is:

Click here to read all the other entries and post your own!

Friday, 7 December 2012

FSF by sarim

Since I'm busy with my exams, I have passed on my blog to my seven year old brother for this FSF. English is his second language so please bear with his weird-though cute- translations. 
Drop a comment and make his day!

Time runs very fast.
Time is very precious.
We should take care not to waste time.
We should do things on time.
Time is mine, don't waste it.

So what do u think? N don't even ask me what the last line means. Comes from the deepest corners of a seven year old's brain. Haha.
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