Friday, 4 January 2013

Midnight stars

Starry Sky

As the golden orb falls into the depths of oblivion,
As darkness creeps after sundown,
Midnight stars
Claim the deserted, unearthly stage.

With a beauty that's swallowed by dawn.
With an indelible bewitching charm
Midnight stars
Shine to a sleeping world.

Mesmerizing in their effervescent twinkle,
Even when the clouds sail
Midnight stars
Wink from behind the misty veil.

Raconteur of tales,
Of love, of hate, of betrayal,
Midnight stars,
Persistent yet ephemeral.

Open to interpretation.


  1. Love the depiction of midnight stars ... really beautiful !!!

  2. Nicely done, the repetition was very effective.

  3. I'll remember this as I look up at my midnight sky tonight. Beautiful.

  4. This prompt seemed to bring out more poets than usual - I should have tried a poem myself this time. This is very nicely done.


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