Thursday, 17 January 2013

It's raining

I woke up to the music of rain- a symphony orchestrated by millions of tiny droplets crashing to the earth. The melody was interspersed by the occasional rumble of thunder and the streaks of blue-white lightening cutting across the heavenly black.
School got cancelled and having nothing better to do I watched nature at play.
The leaves shook off the age old dust that had layered them for months. I could hear the birds sing to this rain. The nature was at its best.
On the other hand, all human activities appeared to cease. The roads became desolate with only the rare car speeding off to an unknown destination. Windows stayed shut as the sapiens locked out the strong winds and the unforgiving shower. An air of despondency blanketed my town and it made me wonder whether this rain which brought unbriddled joy to me caused others of my species some sadness?
Then I saw her, a little girl shrieking in delight as she twirled round and round in the rain, a big grin splashed across her face. From the safety of the verandah her mother called to her. She resisted, ignoring her mother's voice. The mother called again, this time with a gentle threat of catching cold. The girl realised her time was now up. She went inside unwillingly, leaving a bit of her innocent childhood outside and carrying a fond memory of dancing in the rain, forever in her heart.
It's still safe to dance in the rain. Soon enough our beastly activities would make rainwater acidic and who knows getting wet in the rain might turn life threatening! So grab the moment. Next time when it rains pause. Live every drop that falls. Take a break from your incessant working and breathe...
Trust me, it's worth it.

Live for a moment...


  1. Love the poetic imagery here, especially the first two sentences that really set the pace. Always good to finish on reflection.


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