Wednesday, 23 January 2013

VisDare: Steps

At the four corners of the world lie the the most exquisite treasures the universe has ever seen. North will give you 'zoe'. South will give you 'ilm'. East will bequeath 'love' and west will endow 'patience'. 
The words of the dying old man resonated in his ears as he stepped on the first rung of the almost vertical staircase. He was almost there.
A few days ago he would have laughed if someone had told him that he would be in Alaska the following week, keeping a dying man's last wish; the man he had hated all his life; the man he had killed...


  1. Intriguing Sania! Got the beginnings of a huge quest here!

  2. WOAH. Huge quest is right! So many unanswered questions here, and yet such a great setup!! When you can you tell us more?? This smacks of being a great cross-genre read --- and I want to know how it ends!

  3. Thanks everyone! I just might use the upcoming VisDare prompts to expand this! :)

    1. If you can, do it. I'm having a ton of fun doing just that. Angela's prompts really spark interesting ideas.

    2. Wow! I just read your entry. Now I'm inspired to flesh our the story of this flash! :D

  4. Such a seamless setup and perfect flow, so much intrigue ;)


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