Wednesday, 27 February 2013

VisDare: Alone

Nature lashed its fury against him. The clouds burst in a heavy downpour; the wind wailed and howled like a banshee; streaks of blue white lightning tore through the ubiquitous black sky. He was alone, metaphorically and literally- a solitary figure drenched in rain, bloodied with the accidental murder of the father he had never known. The heavenly precipitation mixed with his own tears as they slid down his cheeks and disappeared, mingling with the crashing droplets. Thunder boomed, interspersing the silence of death and decay.
In the distance, police sirens wailed. A dead body. A suspect with a motive. A solid case.
Ryan gathered himself, stood up ready to brace an onslaught of questions even as he struggled with his own.


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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A solitary soliloquy

A lone figure on a despondent path
Strewn with dead leaves and twigs and an uncertainty that lasts.
A tiny traveller on a grief struck road
Adorned with specs of hate and denial as loneliness holds.

The little guy looks for the fingers he held,
And the shoulders that always carried him well.
But all he sees is a despondent path,
Strewn with dead leaves and twigs and an uncertainty that lasts.

Until the alarm brings him back
To his own older and lonely self
As the dream ends and a tangible nightmare begins,
Abandoned on a despondent path,
Strewn with dead leaves and twigs and an uncertainty that lasts.


I know it's supposed to be only five sentences. But once the words started coming I couldn't stop. So here are two other paragraphs that I had to 'cut' out of this flash. 

A dying hope in his faltering heart,
For a better tomorrow, a fresh start.
But all there is is a despondent path,
Strewn with dead leaves and twigs and an uncertainty that lasts.

The solitary figure hesitates to walk,
The future sealed with a deadly lock.
As he limps on a despondent path,
Strewn with dead leaves and twigs and an uncertainty that lasts...

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

VisDare: Listening

A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. 

~Jean de La Fontaine 

As the monorail shuddered and thundered toward its destination, Ryan contemplated the step he had taken. For twenty four years Ryan's father had been a mythical creature, existing only in the scant stories that were prized out of his mother. For twenty four years, Ryan had spent his waking moments hating his father, hate so strong and pure that he was convinced it would be his hand that would end the old man's devilish life. And now just as he was ready to move on, just as he had cropped out the existence of his father from his world, he had returned. 
In what moment of stupidity he had agreed to meet his nemesis, he was unsure. But one thing was certain, he was going to end it tonight. Drowned in his thoughts he didn't notice the canine that trotted over to him until it had its paws on his laps and it's large black eyes transfixed on his. He petted the ownerless dog absentmindedly.
"Someone threw you out too." he whispered to his four legged companion. "Someone you loved betrayed you. Left you here in this moving piece of machinery without a second thought."
The dog looked on wagging its tail.
"That's the rule of life mate. The ones you give your heart to, are the ones to rip it to shreds."

This part of Ryan's story is set in flashback. So technically it would make chapter one of the story. To read more visit his page. Comments and feedback welcome!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

FSF: Cherish

FSF after a long time...

Cherish the memories of the good times,
So that the bad ones don't overwhelm.

Cherish the moments of joy,
So that the sadness doesn't burden.

Cherish the love bestowed,
So that hate doesn't encompass.

Cherish every breath you take,
So that the last one isn't worthless. 

Cherish life, in every form,
You get it once, never again

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

VisDare: Secret

"There are people who would do anything to get their hands on the treasures. Powerful, influential people."


"What do you mean the girl got away again?" The man hidden in shadows questioned in a raspy voice that made the visitor shudder.
"Sh- she is strong sire..." the visitor replied.
"You're telling me that she was able to fend off four, I repeat, FOUR assassins on her own and that she left without barely a scratch?"
"I'm sorry, si-" A shot echoed through the empty corridors of the building.
"I hate failures." the man muttered replacing the gun in its holster and reaching for the phone.
"We need to talk." He said. He would not let things go out of hand now. Thirty years, he had waited for this. He wouldn't stop now. He took out the gold rimmed key and admired its intricate designs in the sunlight that filtered through the partially open window. 
The waiting was almost over.

Introducing the bad guys. Read the previous part here

Thursday, 7 February 2013

VisDare: Introducing Alisha

The soft footfalls awoke her from a fidgety sleep. Staying still, her hands clasped the knife strapped to her waist. 
Not again.
The footsteps came closer and stopped abruptly in front of her room. She slipped off the bed, thanking god for the carpeted floors that muffled her landing. The footsteps started again.
Looking for an entry now, are we? She smirked.
With an agility mastered by years of running and hiding, knife clutched in her hand, she tiptoed towards a wall hanging aka her secret door.
The footsteps halted. 
She pulled a lever and the wall between the frame disappeared without so much as a click. A tall silhouette loomed next to the ancient knight armour in the corridor. He didn't notice her creep up behind him. He didn't notice her close the distance in two long strides. He was too busy trying the door.
Not very professional of you.
She jumped at the intruder pressing him to the door.
"Who sent you?" she muttered in his ear, knife pressed to his throat.
Ryan gulped. This was not the welcome he had anticipated.

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