Thursday, 7 February 2013

VisDare: Introducing Alisha

The soft footfalls awoke her from a fidgety sleep. Staying still, her hands clasped the knife strapped to her waist. 
Not again.
The footsteps came closer and stopped abruptly in front of her room. She slipped off the bed, thanking god for the carpeted floors that muffled her landing. The footsteps started again.
Looking for an entry now, are we? She smirked.
With an agility mastered by years of running and hiding, knife clutched in her hand, she tiptoed towards a wall hanging aka her secret door.
The footsteps halted. 
She pulled a lever and the wall between the frame disappeared without so much as a click. A tall silhouette loomed next to the ancient knight armour in the corridor. He didn't notice her creep up behind him. He didn't notice her close the distance in two long strides. He was too busy trying the door.
Not very professional of you.
She jumped at the intruder pressing him to the door.
"Who sent you?" she muttered in his ear, knife pressed to his throat.
Ryan gulped. This was not the welcome he had anticipated.

Intrigued? Read the previous part here.


  1. Very intrigued. And certainly not a warm welcome.

  2. I love that you're another of my VisDare story-builders - using each one to add to the thread. I am now very much intrigued by this story and want to know more! Brisk pacing, suspense building - great work in 150 words!!


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