Wednesday, 13 March 2013

VisDare: whorl

There are four maps protected by the life of four of our comrades. Find them before the literati...

Aleksei Volvakov was heading home after work when he first saw them. A fleet of black cars with the logo. His hand immediately reached for the locket around his neck and his lips started moving in a silent prayer. Four tough looking men bathed in guns of all shapes and sizes stepped out.

They don't know where the map is. He told himself. And I won't tell them.
He tried to act unfazed as they closed in. 
They won't kill me. Not until I tell them the map's location.
One of the men took out a revolver. 
"Your locket please." He said.
Aleksei was shocked. How could they know? But even before he could come up with a plan a muffled shot echoed through the deserted park and Aleksie Volvakov slumped in a heap on the wet grass.
The men tore the locket from around his neck and opened it. It revealed a murky photograph of an old house.
The coordinates of the orb of knowledge.

Intrigued? Read the rest of this story here.

Oh and here is a bonus entry for today's VisDare. A quatrain!

The world unfolds in a delirious haze,
familiar streets and signs morph into a confounding maze.
Faces transcend into masks, hearts to clay.
Strange how life can flip in a single day!


  1. ooh intense! how did they know? curious about this house now :)

    1. Ah now that is a good question. How did they know? Still working on the story. Still looking for an answer...
      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Annnnnnd a brilliant opening for what could EASILY easily be a much longer - and intricate - story. Love the brisk pacing, the careful placement of logos, locket, etc. Would love to read more!

    1. Hehe thanks Angela! Loving this new add-on visDare combo! :)


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