Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I'm doing poetry this month, in case you missed the first post.
(sorry, putting this up last minute so no particular image for today)

Sitting and staring, at everything and nothing.
Detached, a passive storm burgeoning.
The open book with letters and numbers.
Just black spots on a sheet of papyrus.
Waiting and watching in a solitary haze.
Eyes blank, an empty gaze.
Pondering over the reasons for an existence.
Fate's big plan for your sustenance. 
Prodding with a stick, your own dead heart.
A slight movement, a beat, a start.

When you don't know what to feel. Completely numb...

I have been nominated for the Liebster blog yet again. This time by the poetic Julia Chiang at A Dose of Jules. (check out her poetry. It's awesome!)

  1. What's your favorite book?  Difficult to choose. There are so many!
  2. What is your favorite song right now and why?  I listen to anything as long as the lyrics make sense
  3. Is there one thing that you can't live without?  Oxygen...(duh? ;p)
  4. What's your favorite color? Any shade of blue 
  5. What is the greatest lesson you have learned thus far? That there are always more lessons to be learnt
  6. Of the people you know, who possess a quality that you most admire and what is it? My dad. Can't pinpoint "one" quality. :)
  7. Do you sleep on the right side, left side or smack dab in the middle of your bed? -
  8. What's your hidden talent? Writing, I guess.
  9. What's a topic you wish people would just come out and talk about?  Well, I love debates so as long as the topic has pros and cons, I'm good to go.
  10. What is your current obsession? My biology textbook. *sigh* exams...
  11. Where would you like to be right now? I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. 

Since I have already been tagged for this award before (twice!) I won't be nominating any bloggers today. In fact let's shake things up a bit. Whoever comments on this post would automatically be awarded the...er..award.
You can go here for the eleven questions and the other odds and ends.
Spread the blogging love! 


  1. This poem goes well with some of the things going on recently. This poem is beautiful, thanks!

  2. Beautiful wtiting...could feel that 'numbness' all over..hope prodding helps ..

  3. "Fate's big plan for your sustenance"
    Love that line.

  4. Good emotion is your poetry. Visiting from A-Z

  5. When you get to that numb point, there's nothing to do but start fresh, which can help!

  6. Great ending -- lovely writing.

  7. I love your poem, it's wonderful. I have been enjoying all of them. I already got the Liebster, so I'm passing that one on the the next commenter. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com

  8. This is great! I especially love the last line ~ wow!

    I'm so happy you participated.... :) Good luck with exams!


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