Monday, 22 April 2013


I'm doing poetry this month, in case you missed the first post.

Generally I tend to leave my poetry open to interpretation. I'm surprised by the diverse meanings people derive out of the same few words. This poem, however, was written for a purpose. 
In my country the future career choices of the students is still heavily guided influenced by their parents. Students are pressurised to take up sciences after grade ten. Those who choose commerce or arts or any other field for that matter are looked down upon by the society. To non-Indian readers this concept might sound alien and though I can't say that I myself have experienced it-my family has always respected my decisions- I have felt the tremors of this quake through my peers. 
The bottom line is, this is not a lash-out against family, it is something that I have witnessed around me and hence should not be taken any other way. 
Have a good day! :)

Shakespeare had it right after all,
The world is a stage,
And all the 'children' actors,
Merely puppets
Of the true directors
They, who don't
Pay us in money
But in love and hope
And sanctuary
Make us sign
A bond without reading
And we became a slave
To their heeding
We can't do but comply
For they hold our strings
Not with their hands or mind
But with the all too expected cry
'we gave you the love, the hope, the joys,
Now it's your turn to comply'
And we bound in shackles
Of love and hope
A prisoner of trust
Never free to go...

The trust is astounding
The belief, unbelievable
We are but in debt
To dare unforgivable
For it is they who brought us to life
And hence they,
Who have a right to decide
Our goals, our aims,
Our fate, our life,
And we bound in shackles of love and hope
A prisoner of trust
Never free to go
A prisoner of trust
Never free to go...


  1. Nailed it. This totally nailed it.

    As in your case, my parents have respected my decision even though there's the I-wish-you'd-take-medicine undertone in my mom's voice. My uncle is not at all happy, though. Ah well, it's my life, my decision.

    I found the opening very innovative. Thumbs up :)

    1. Thanks Zainab! I agree. You get to make your own choices. :)

  2. This is in the Arab culture, too, I'm lucky to have parents who let me choose what I want to do. I'm also writing a paper about this. Thanks for the powerful poem (-:

  3. Wow. This is fantastic.

    I'm glad your parents respect your choices. I think I take for granted the society that I live in, where I am truly free to create a path for myself without judgement.

    It really makes me think.

  4. But our minds can be freed to wander beyond the shackles. Then it is our choice if we wish to return. Great poem!

  5. I too am glad your parents respect your choices. You are so talented!

    1. Thanks. I'm lucky to have the parents that I do. :)

  6. Another powerful sentiment. You capture these thoughts so perfectly.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  7. I am so glad your parents gave you the option to choose your direction ... my husband and i have been doing that to our children and by the grace of God, they are doing well in their chosen fields ...

    beautiful written sentiments!

    April (bob's wife)


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