Thursday, 16 May 2013

VisDare: The tree of imagination.

"...samantha questioned unicorns yesterday." She added almost as a side thought.
He stiffened but otherwise remained emotionless.
She sighed. "She's not even ten yet. You know what that means."
"They grow up fast these days."
"Tell me about it. We need to get someone else soon."
"What about that girl you were talking about the other day? She still dreams about fairies, right?" he asked.
"Maira? I think we should bring her in." 
He nodded in approval. 
Maira took hesitant little steps towards the humongous oak. There were other kids on the tree too. Some her age, some older. But there were only so much years you could dwell there; only as long as you believed. The pretty lady with the beautiful voice had told her that much. 
"Climb up, honey." She now said, gently guiding her to the foot of the tree.
Maira grabbed the bark with her chubby little fingers and pulled herself up on the first branch. 

After a long break from VisDare, and one month of poetry, I am back. I am putting 'Ryan's story' on hold for a while. I realised I couldn't continue without giving away the plot. Hope you enjoyed this little tale. :)
Update: The lovely ladies at Falling for fiction critiqued the first 250 of Ryan's story. Absolutely loved it. :)


  1. Ooo. I love the take on the prompt, and the parallel viewpiont change - very mysterious. All the right elements of a true fairy tale, done up with a new twist. Love it! Thanks for another VisDare!

  2. I love it :)
    I wish I'd qualify to be allowed on the tree of imagination.

  3. Dreaming of unicorns and fairies? If only!

    The tree of imagination sounds really neat. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. great and sweet little tale..

  5. Whew! What an awesome picture, first, but I LOVED that piece. Super awesome sauce. =D

  6. I love the picture. And the storyline of the girl joining the group pulls at the imagination.

    P.S. - I've nominated you for some blog awards, and hope you will check it out and post acceptances. It's located at:

  7. Ooh, I'm late to the party. I also nominated you for a blog award. =) Guess it's your day, eh?

  8. I love this - very imaginative and well written. Well done :)


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