Saturday, 1 June 2013

Want more followers?

Well who doesn't.
Mel Chelsey fromWritings, Musings and other such Nonsense is hosting a super cool blog hop.

The rules. (As copied from Mel's site)

It could be for your blog, your Twitter or even your FaceBook 'Like' page. Doesn't matter. I'd like to host an event here for anyone interested.

Next Monday, June 3rd, I'll have a Linky sign-up. We'll take a week to get everyone signed up who wants to be a part of this event. So help me spread the word, please! I know you will, because you're all awesome that way.

Then, on June 10th (that's a Monday) here is what your blog post will need to include:

* Any and ALL links where you want the followers. Create links to make it easy for people to follow you.

* Share the Linky link in the blog post, so that everyone can visit everyone else involved. (Make sure to try and follow as many people on the list.)

And last but not least:

* YOU MUST have a FOLLOW BUTTON in a highly visible place on your BLOG!!!! Don't make people search for it. It can be the Blogger button, the Google Reader button or even the BlogLovin' or whatever kind of BUTTON. But you MUST have it. Seriously. And, it would be nice if you would turn off word verification for the day. (If not forever, which, would be epic... Just sayin')

So that's all folks! Hop over to Mel's site. Sign up and keep blogging! :D


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