Tuesday, 23 July 2013


The winds of change have swept through this blog. When I started this about two years ago, I was content in naming it Embracing Dawn, hoping to showcase my poetry which was mostly (at that time) about living, dreaming and believing (the tag line. :p) In the process though I discovered the true power of words. The right words can bring comfort to the broken, faith to the lost and hope to the hopeless. An inspiring quote can rejuvenate the soul. A silly joke can bring out that trill of the laughter long suppressed. A true story might awaken you. A poem may turn into a parable of life.

On the other hand, an off hand comment could be a debilitating poison. A snide remark can rip the heart to shreds. A callous statement can wreak havoc. 
Words are like that. And with all the 'warning' and 'fragile' stickers that we use these days its strange that the one thing that can really cause 'damage' or may be 'fatal' (figuratively) is without one. So I'll put that label on today. 
Words are fragile. Handle with care.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fasting and feasting-Ramadan Mubarak! :)

Ramadan Mubarak everyone. The blessed month is here again with all its family rituals. The pre dawn rush to over eat. The wait for the morning azaan. The elusive sleep afterwords and the ring of the alarm to wake up yet again for the daily chores. The hunger pangs that shoot up whenever the time of breakfast, lunch or snacks nears. The treacherous last hour when time ceases to pass. The bliss of the first bite as a sputter of fireworks signal the end of the fast. The nightly taraweeh and the festive mood it brings. The late night chai and preparations for the getting up early again next morning. And probably the best is the competition between siblings and cousins to keep the maximum number of fasts!

Apart from an entirely different routine it's a month of lessons too. In the unquenchable thirst is the realisation of the plight of drought-struck areas. In the consistent hunger, is apathy towards the emaciated poor. In exercising control over the mind, is distance from harsh language. In prayers, is the rediscovery of God and in zakat (charity), an encounter with the feeling of goodwill. 

Ramadan Mubarak once again. May this month bring joy and happiness in your lives. :)

Have you ever fasted? Tell me in the comments section below! :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Amidst Darkness

Flexing my poetry muslces (and my knowledge thereof) with this one. :) I started with a Sestina. But the best I could muster was the concluding tercet:
"Though it may seem a little trite,
still, thank you God,
for the gift that is life." 
Expanding was an arduous task. Keeping within the bounds of the poetry coupled with trying to get the poem to make sense was beyond me. So I decided I would start with something (which is according to me) far simpler. A Kyrielle Sonnet.
So, here goes:

All the Small Things

In moments of despair, an awakening,
A rendition of events that's startling
A glimpse of peace, in an all time low
Amidst darkness, an effervescent glow.

In ignorance, an oblivious bliss
In knowledge, the terror hard to miss.
A moment to forget what you know.
Amidst darkness, an effervescent glow.

In chaos, a moment of control,
Like in hurricanes, the eye, the hole.
A pit stop, not the end of the show
Amidst darkness, an effervescent glow.

In moments of despair, an awakening.
Amidst darkness, an effervescent glow.

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