Thursday, 16 January 2014

FSF: Clutch

The roller coaster creaked up the steep incline, fifty hearts beating nervously, a hundred hands clutching the bars, fifty people waiting for the rush of adrenaline.
A curious pre-schooler clasped her mother's hands after repeatedly being threatened with the stories of lost children, separated from their parents forever.
Another kid who would have easily passed on as a Weasley held a handful of coins, acquired-after a week of begging-from his father.
And right next to the 'Astrologer's hut' a solitary figure cradled an extensively wired, beeping contraption, the sounds of which were lost among the chattering crowd.

Written for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The endings blogfest

What do you know of the end?
Of countless tears that bathe the pillowcase?
Of shards of broken glass scattered carelessly?
Of unassuming smiles masking an aching sorrow?
What do you know of the end
Of flickering beacons of humanity
Dying out in the swirling mist of hate
And greed?
Of retracted hands, poisonous
As a jellyfish's tentacles
Of slipping fingers, tantalising dreams 
dangling beyond your grasp?
Of course you know of endings
Of broken trusts and patched up hearts.
Of the shadowy nights and faltering will 
Of oblivion, solitude, isolation.
And also of wisdom that says the sun shall rise
And the rays will heal your open wounds
Of the night being darkest before dawn 
And that the end ever ends with a beginning.

What do you know about the end?
Just that it will come and you'll begin again. 
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