Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 10 & 11 (not giving up so quick)

So, I almost gave up. Missed two days because I couldn't find the time to write. But here I am, back again, with two letters in one post. Here goes:

I'm the only person that knows she's missing. Other people believe the "note" she left, talking about how she has to "find" herself again and needs some time alone. I'm the only person who is looking for her. It's been two weeks since the media labelled her a psychopath. Her parents have accepted that she ran away. I have not. I will find her. I just hope its not too late.

I lurked around Mr. Raj's house today and almost got caught trying to sneak a look through the window. The man gives me the creeps. But no sign of her. I'm worn out but I won't give up. I'll try his other apartment tomorrow. I will find you Maryam.

Something shrill is hell bent on depriving me of sleep. I realize its the phone and it has been ringing for the past five minutes. I groan as I "slide to answer".
"It's Maryam." The voice at the other end-who I recognize to be a friend says. I jolt up.
"Where is she? Is she okay?" I scream.
"I think you should come to the police station. Please hurry." 
My head is a jumble of thoughts. What did she do? I don't remember rushing out of the hostel at five in the morning, don't remember how I reached the police station, don't remember getting drenched in the storm. The only thing I remember is seeing her parents there, crying against the wall, and my friend whispering those three awful words. She's no more.

They say she jumped off a bridge. They say she didn't eat her 'medicines' on time. They say she was unwell. I...

Intrigued? You can read the rest of the story by clicking M's tab above. Drop a comment and tell me what you think. Leave a link to your blog and I'll visit you soon!
Also sorry for not getting back for the past two days. Have been awfully busy with college, tests, assignments, life in general. I'd definitely be seeing more of you guys this week!


  1. Poor friend and family :( Thanks!

  2. D: *flails to M tab immediately* Must. Catch. Up!!
    So tempted to do multiple letters in one too! Speaking of hostels, the wifi in mine is killing me :(

  3. :( :( wow!!! 2 posts and they are so lovely!!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  4. Powerful. I got chills when I read, "She's no more." Keep it up, Sania!

  5. Good for you on not giving up. These were worth the wait. Waving from the A to Z.


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