Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 2: Befriended

This year's theme is a story divided amongst 26 posts. Fear not though, the pieces can also be read as stand along flash/poetry.

“So, let's go to the metro station today,” Maryam speaks as if continuing a previous conversation, “we'll start close then spread out.” I am starting to like her already. For one thing she didn't start by talking about a random new shade of lip gloss.
“Yeah, but what are we working on exactly?” I ask.
“Oh didn't I tell you? Street kids of course.” And with this she starts speaking at length about the atrocities bestowed upon children, the cruelty, the injustice of it all, pausing only to tuck her hair back in her headscarf. I'm awed. How quickly her demeanour changes from bubbly teen to ferocious activist.
“Ok, ok calm down. I get you.” I say interrupting her. She stops immediately and looks abashed.
“I'm sorry, I get all excited when I talk about these things. If you want we can talk about other things like shoes and...lip gloss.”
That is when I know we'll be friends. That is also when I burst out laughing effectively disconcerting everyone in a five mile radius. That is also when we make our first mistake.


Regular updates? Nah. 

Intrigued? You can read the story till now here. Drop a comment and tell me what you think. Leave a link to your blog and I'll visit you soon.

P.S. Visit M's tab on top to read more about her story


  1. Funny girl and activist, I like this! Thanks!

  2. Maryam is clearly passionate about her activism. I like the dual concern, or rather lack of it about lip gloss - that's a nice touch :).

    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  3. You made me smile a lot, I love the comment about lip gloss. Great piece.
    Tasha's Thinkings

  4. An intriguing sample! Welcome to A to Z

  5. Alex: I hope the interest is maintained!
    Fida: Thanks! By the way are you A-Zing too?
    Sophie: The part about lip gloss was fun to write too. Hehe
    Natahsa: Well, it seems like i did my job!
    Brandon: Glad to see you're back!
    Huntress: Thanks! Happy A-Zing!

  6. Ooh! Their first mistake? Ah! Why would you do this to me? Don't you know I'm a binge reader? I don't do tension over long periods of time. ;)

  7. An interesting starter for a story. I hope you plan to finish it during the challenge.

  8. Sounds like a lively and kind character. You said "street kids" I thought Crimea where we ran from police and mafia in order to help discarded kids. Oh ok back to fiction - enjoy the A to Z ride

    Bridging Sorrow

  9. I like both characters--good job! Happy A to Z!

  10. Hi, Sania. Intriguing last sentence! I like how promising the friendship begins...but how will it end? Nice piece.

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  11. Love the concept of weaving A to Z with a story. Nice job.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  12. I love this concept! Fantastic idea, and I definitely want to find out more. I visited India recently and totally fell in love so I'm excited to discover a story that will take place there!

    And a very original A to Z theme...


  13. Intrigued? Yes. I'm reading on.


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