Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 3: Children

This year's theme is a story divided amongst 26 posts. Fear not though, the pieces can also be read as stand along flash/poetry.

Their eyes regard us with open scrutiny. They notice the blue handbag I'm carrying and I can see how they start to gauge the amount of money they can get off of me. Maryam on the other hand, is already beckoning them forward.
I have got chocolates.” She says drawing out a packet bursting with candy. They rush to us; a pack of hungry street kids, a genuine smile spread across their faces.
So here's the deal.” I say before Maryam sabotages the entire operation by giving the candies for free. “You tell us your story and we'll give you candies.” Maryam frowns and withdraws the treats. A hush instantly descends on our ravenous little crowd.
Police me ho? Are you with the police?” Is the first question that they ask. We assure them that we aren't. Five minutes of convincing and a few more candy bars and we get our first story, well sort of.

Day 1
Her name is Kiran. Flaky brown hair cascade her face and she plays nervously with the ends of her skirt as she talks. Her voice comes in suspicious whispers but the candy is too alluring. She hasn't eaten anything since morning.
Her story? She was five when her drunk father lashed out at her. She ran away. She is seven now and she works... She stops suddenly. “Can I have the candy now?” She asks. Maryam of course gives it to her. She hurries off, followed by the rest of the gang, all interest in chocolates and treats suddenly vaporizing in thin air. It's strange. But the work for the day is thankfully done.

Intrigued? You can read the story till now by clicking on M's tab above. Drop a comment and tell me what you think. Leave a link to your blog and I'll visit you soon. 


  1. it's beautiful and poignant Sania!!!
    I am looking forward to these tales...

  2. Intriguing start. Is your story going to be a collection of the children's tales? Or is this encounter with the children merely the start of your MC's journey?

  3. A hard life has made those children practical.
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  4. I love how the storyteller doesn't finish. Nice touch.

    Best regards,

    PS: Visiting from the A to z sign up list.

  5. Beautifully written. Nice description.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  6. This is very interesting.

  7. Haha love the tones as M talks about Maryam, as though shes disapproving of her naivety yet secretly appreciates it ;)


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