Tuesday, 16 December 2014

All that is left is silence...

My fingers trace the dust lined walls; derelict.
There was a school here once, they say.
A school that resonated with the chants of the alphabet,
with laughter, with innocence, with dreams.
But I can not see it, in these crumbling walls
in the silence,
in the absence of those carefree voices.

It swallows me, this emptiness.
It wasn't always empty, they say.
Inside these walls was life,
as vibrant, as jolly, as bursting with energy
as a galaxy of stars; immortal.
But it is gone now.
In these broken chairs, cracked windows, abandoned backpacks,
the only thing left
is silence...

This heinous act unites us,
in our battle against such monstrosities.
And we shall stand together
6 billion of us fighting for the hundred of you.
And when our struggle starts to fade,
Your memories shall be our fuel
The absence of your voices, our bugle.
And we shall strive for victory
yearn for compassion.
Rest in peace, little ones.
I'm sorry we couldn't save you.
But you won't be forgotten.
We are here...
We are here... 

My heart goes out to those little kids and their families. May they find the strength to bear this loss. 


  1. This devastating news is still sinking in...feel so numb and helpless. What wrong did the children do ever?? What religion proposes the right to take away innocent lives!!

    1. No religion does. These cowards need a front to hide their blasphemous acts.
      RIPHumanity indeed.

  2. A beautiful tribute to the children. Thank you for this.


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