When I started this blog about five years ago, I was content in naming it Embracing Dawn, hoping to showcase my poetry which was mostly (at that time) about living, dreaming and believing (the tag line. :p) In the process though I discovered the true power of words. The right words can bring comfort to the broken, faith to the lost and hope to the hopeless. An inspiring quote can rejuvenate the soul. A silly joke can bring out that trill of the laughter long suppressed. A true story might awaken you. A poem may turn into a parable of life.

On the other hand, an off hand comment could be a debilitating poison. A snide remark can rip the heart to shreds. A callous statement can wreak havoc. 
Words are like that. And with all the 'warning' and 'fragile' stickers that we use these days its strange that the one thing that can really cause 'damage' or may be 'fatal' (figuratively) is without one. So I'll put that label on today.

Words are fragile. Handle with care.

Update: I might not be as active on this blog anymore as I want to be. I'll try to post once a month and will definitely get back to your comments. In other news, I have started a "Physics Blog" which has a lot of doodles, science fiction and also short articles on crazy Physics phenomena. I would love for you to check it out. 
Visit Cosmic Intuition. See you around! 


  1. People too often don't think before they speak and with the anonymity blogs and social media, I think people feel that they are teflon and can say what they want, but words still can hurt as much as they empower. I love the Handle with Care.

    1. Thanks Lily. I feel that words can be more dangerous than weapons. After all, all the propaganda that there ever was, was mostly words. Words can be used to manipulate, deceive and hurt. So that's why 'handle with care'. =)


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